House Remodeling, Asheville, NC

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It’s your home – it should reflect your style, needs and idea of comfort. At Installations Unlimited, we want to make sure any house remodeling project, renovation or addition mirrors your ideas perfectly. From modernizing a master bath and bedroom to completely gutting and remodeling the basement, you can trust us to get the look you envisioned and all the details right.

House Remodeling, Asheville, North Carolina

As a homeowner looking for the right house remodeling contractor, there are two important things you may be considering: the work you want to accomplish and the budget with which you want to do it. At Installations Unlimited, we know that sticking to your budget can be difficult when you have big ideas about what your home will look like, but we will work with you to get beautiful results at the price you can afford.

When we work with a new customer during house remodeling, we always sit down with you to find out what it is that you want to accomplish. We get an idea of your tastes and do CAD drawings, so you get a visual idea of what the space will look like when the work is completed. We know that every job is unique, and we won’t give you a quote on your house remodeling project unless we’ve been to your home and have seen exactly what’s required to do the job well. Once we give an estimate on your house remodeling project, we’ll only make changes if you, the homeowner, make specific requests or if something unexpected arises from the project. It’s just part of our commitment to quality service.

At Installations Unlimited, we have nearly 40 years of experience providing expert home remodeling services in the Asheville, North Carolina area. Contact us today for more information about how we can bring your home remodeling ideas to life!




At Installations Unlimited, we offer house remodeling services in Asheville, Weaverville, Woodfin, Black Mountain, and Fairview, North Carolina.

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At Installations Unlimited, we are committed to bringing your home remodeling ideas to life with quality workmanship that enhances your Asheville, North Carolina home for years to come.

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