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A well-designed custom bathroom is a great addition to your home.

Custom Bathrooms in Weaverville, North CarolinaThere aren’t many advantages to a one-size-fits-all approach. Anyone who has ever gotten a t-shirt that is supposedly fit for everyone knows that this is an idea that is better in theory than in practice! Customized items are more likely to be used and enjoyed for a longer period of time than anything that is mass-produced. Here at Installations Unlimited, we understand that many of our customers in Weaverville, North Carolina are looking to add customization to their homes, many of them starting with the bathroom!

Custom bathrooms are a great addition to any home, old or new. What was once a space that was there in a purely functional capacity, is now a space for which people have high expectations. Homeowners today like the feeling of having a little oasis in their home with a spa-like and spacious bathroom, a place where they can truly relax in private. Additionally, people dream of custom bathrooms that meet their needs! For example, someone who enjoys a relaxing shower rather than a bath might want to customize their bathroom with a large shower that has multiple heads and jets!

Other customers don’t just want custom bathrooms but require them in order to live safely in their homes. Whether you have a disability or want a bathroom that will be accessible for decades to come, our team here at Installations Unlimited can help. Unlike many other construction companies, we actually have some background in physical therapy and know the ADA codes and requirements that will get you a safe and personalized custom bathroom.

When you’re in the market for a functional and beautiful custom bathroom built to your taste and needs, give our team here at Installations Unlimited a call.

At Installations Unlimited, we build custom bathrooms in Asheville, Weaverville, Woodfin, Black Mountain, and Fairview, North Carolina.

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