Basement Renovations

There are two general reactions to the basement of a home: “Ohh, this needs some work,” or “Ahhh, this is wonderful!” If your basement gets reaction #1, even from your own family members, it may be time to do something about. In fact, if your basement is a functional space but just needs some updating, there are a few small basement renovations you can do that will have a big impact on your space for the better.

1. Flooring – Just because your basement is underneath your primary living spaces doesn’t mean it can’t have beautiful and functional flooring when you descend the stairs. In fact, adding quality flooring to your basement can brighten the space, making it more inviting and comfortable as soon as you step foot in the room.

2. Walls – Another fast and easy basement renovation idea is to simply update the walls with a fresh coat of paint, or if you prefer a trendier approach, you can add decorative wallpaper. Whether it’s making your basement walls two-tone or simply choosing a lighter and brighter color, you may find that your basement stands out in all the best ways.

3. Storage – The basement of a home often serves a functional purpose. For example, this may be the kids’ game room, the laundry facility, or even a spare bedroom for guests. Whatever your basement space is used for, basement renovations in the form of better storage can go a long way to keeping things looking their best and functioning well. From cabinets to shelves or bookcases, the options are endless.

At Installations Unlimited, we can help you put together basement renovations that take your basement from a “needs work” space to a “this is wonderful” space. We have more than 40 years of experience doing just that! Contact us today to get started!