How to Tell When it’s Time for
Custom Kitchens

The benefits of custom kitchens are some that just can’t be denied. Not only do your cabinets fit perfectly in the space allotted, but specialized features, attractive colors and styles and custom sizing can be the perfect addition to your kitchen. However, custom kitchens can also be more expensive than some people are quite ready to handle. If you have your eye on custom kitchens, here at Installations Unlimited, we have a few ways to determine if you are ready for the custom kitchen of your dreams!

benefits of custom kitchens

  • Are you going to stay in your current home? One of the biggest reasons to go through the time and expense of custom kitchens is if you know you are going to be the homeowner who will be around to enjoy them. If you are in a starter home or one that you know you will grow out of eventually, you might want to stick to stock or even semi-custom options that will improve your kitchen while also saving a little money.
  • Will a custom kitchen make sense for your home? When you have a home that you want to beautify and sell for a profit later on, you need to watch your improvements to make sure they will give you a good return on your investment. While custom kitchens sound great to buyers, they don’t always want to pay for them, and you might be out-sold every time by a less expensive house down the road. However, if all the comparable houses have custom kitchens, and yours doesn’t, you might have a hard time attracting buyers.
  • Can custom options make your kitchen useable? If your kitchen is awkwardly shaped or if it needs serious updating, custom kitchens might be the only way to make your kitchen a useable one.