House Renos

It’s no secret that house renos can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you run into unexpected events or have questions about how things will turn out. It’s important that your home renovation doesn’t take a wrong turn, whether by accident or due to other unforeseen circumstances. Here are a few basic “Dos and Don’ts” of house renos that will keep you on target towards a successful outcome.

DO – Hire a Professional

They make it look easy on TV, but DIY house renos can be troublesome and expensive and cause lots of stress. Hiring a professional who knows their way around a home renovation project can make all the difference in your budget, timeframe, and peace of mind.

DON’T – Take the Cheapest Quote

Okay, so you’re ready to hire a professional – but you shouldn’t take the cheapest quote. Rather, taking the quote that is mid-range will give the greatest likelihood that you get quality workmanship and stay within your budget for a great home renovation that will last.

DO – Be Willing to Compromise

One of the great faux pas of house renos is the homeowner who is unwilling to budge. This can not only lead to a homeowner-contractor stand-off, but it can also cause you to go severely over budget. Listening to contractor suggestions and being willing to compromise may save you time and money, while also helping you achieve your home renovation goals.

DON’T – Give Up on Your Vision

If you have a vision for your home, then you should stick with it! While you may need to compromise on something like material type or hardware finishings, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the overall effect that you want from your house reno. A great contractor will know how to help you achieve your goals!

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