Custom Kitchens

If you’ve stood in your kitchen and detailed all of the things that really need to be updated, you may wonder if you can truly achieve your goals with the standard fixtures and cabinets available. What if you’d like to change the layout? Could you repurpose another portion of your living area?

When you start to ask questions like these about your kitchen, there is one solution that will offer many of the answers you need: going custom! Custom kitchens have lots of benefits with virtually no downside. Here’s why:

1.  Get What You Want – There’s no need to settle for the cheap cabinets at the big box store or take the countertops that will be an “okay” choice. With custom kitchens, the idea is to choose the things that match your vision and your budget, so you truly get what you want from this important space.

2.  It Fits – If your kitchen has odd angles, has limited square footage, and/or has a unique layout, going custom is the best way to ensure that every detail fits. Custom kitchens offer details that matter most, and your kitchen will look effortless as part of the rest of your home.

3.  Return-On-Investment – Finally, custom kitchens often pay for themselves in very short order because of the added value they bring to your home. Not only is this value in creating your own functional space, but also as a seller looking to maximize your earning potential on the housing market.

If you have been considering your options with custom kitchens and think this might be the best route for your home, contact us at Installations Unlimited to schedule a consultation. You can also view some of our completed kitchen remodeling projects on our gallery page. We look forward to working with you!