Bathroom Renovations: Expert Tips for a More Accommodating Bathroom

If you have a family member who recently needed to begin using a wheelchair or walker or if you have a frequent visitor with this same predicament, most likely you’ll find the place that is the biggest struggle for them is in the bathroom. Bathrooms are typically built to save space and don’t have a lot of extra space for maneuvering around. Here at Installations Unlimited, we have a wealth of experience in doing bathroom renovations, as well as other areas of the home, to make them ADA-compliant. There are several ways you can make your bathroom space more accommodating, and we’re happy to help.

wealth of experience in doing bathroom renovations

1.   Walk-in showers: Having a shower that doesn’t require you to step up is a great way to start. You’ll also want to make sure the shower is at least 36” by 36” and has bench seating across from the shower valve.

2.   Grab bars and handrails: To make it easier for someone to stand back up, you’ll want bars or rails both in the shower and next to the toilet.

3.   Raised toilet:  One simple way that you can make your bathroom more accommodating is to have the toilet installed slightly higher than average to make sitting down easier.

4.   Smooth transition: To make your bathroom easier to enter, you want to make sure the doorway is wide enough, and the flooring is smooth between the bathroom and the hallway or room it connects too.

Even if you don’t currently need an ADA-compliant bathroom, but you’re planning bathroom renovations, being aware of some of the more accommodating changes you can make will likely be a great bonus for aging family members or for future resale purposes. Call us at Installations Unlimited today to learn more.