3 Expert Tips to Make Your Basement Remodeling Project a Success

Here at Installations Unlimited, we know most homeowners could use some extra space, and one of the best ways to get the room you need is to remodel your basement into a functional living area. However, we also understand that taking on any home improvement project, including basement remodeling, can be a daunting prospect. To help you get the living space you need without getting overwhelmed by stress in the process, we’ll go over three expert tips to make your basement remodeling project a success.

tips to make your basement remodeling project a success

  1. Finish the Walls and Ceiling- Most basements are pretty bare bones, with concrete walls and exposed pipes on the ceiling. If you want your basement remodeling efforts to make this space truly comfortable and inviting, we recommend finishing the walls and ceiling to make them look more like the rest of your living space. You can use drywall, paneling, or other methods to give your basement the same polish as the rest of your home.
  2. Create a Comfortable Floor- Another thing that we recommend including in your basement remodeling plans is to give your basement a practical, comfortable floor. The majority of basement floors are simply poured concrete, which typically creates a cold atmosphere. Luckily, concrete subfloors make it easy to add more comfortable flooring on top, such as vinyl, tile, and carpet. The one thing that we don’t recommend in this case is solid wood flooring, as basements are prone to excess moisture that could quickly warp it.
  3. Lighting is Key- The last tip for basement remodeling that we’ll go over here is to make sure you have plenty of light to banish the underground gloom. We suggest using as much natural light as possible, whether from above-ground windows or via an open stairwell to the ground floor. Since natural light will still be limited, however, we also urge you to make sure your electric lighting plan includes plenty of sources to cover all the areas of your remodeled space.